Artists and Mental Disorders

mental disorder artistsIt is no secret that artists are commonly plagued by mental disorders. This is not because artists are broken people. It is because the creative mind is a fragile, delicate one. It has to be to achieve the level of sensitivity that being an artist requires. The difficulty in this is that the psyches of artists are so often wounded by negative life circumstances and their mental health struggles desperately. Artists who are struggling severely with a mental disorder should admit themselves to an anxiety and depression center. Some of the more common mental disorders that are associated with artists are described below.

  • Depression is one of our society’s most common mental disorders, and is also one of the most common among artists. Artists are very sensitive people who pick up on the emotions in the people and in the environment around them. They are more deeply aware of the sadness and tragedy in the world, as well as within themselves. This makes them highly prone to mental disorders like depression and leaves them requiring medication and counseling in order to cope with the world around them.
  • Anxiety is another mental disorder that is found in many households across North America. It entails feelings of dread and panic at the thought or the presence of what the individual is afraid of. This stressful disorder hits artists hard because artists have huge imaginations. These imaginations can be used for good, to conceive artistic projects and concepts, but they can also be used for bad, imagining in detail every bad thing that could come of any given situation.
  • ADD and ADHD are hyperactivity disorders that make a person think or act rampantly and impulsively without proper organization of the information. These types of disorders are common among artists, whose impulsive nature is a trademark of their personality. Artists are circular, free thinkers who reject structure on most levels, including within their own brains.

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